About us

About AllianceMed

We are a full service Revenue Cycle Management Company that works directly with Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Durable Medical Equipment Providers, Physicians, and other HCPs to increase Revenue by working with insurance carriers on the patient’s behalf.

Our Mission

The AllianceMed mission stands strong on “Educating Healthcare Professionals to boost profitability through our billing and consulting methods while continuing to deliver optimal patient care.”

The AllianceMed mission is endorsed and supported by our team of highly experienced staff which includes healthcare professionals. Each member of our team makes a valuable contribution towards helping you increase revenue generation.

Bettering Lives

AleliancMed improves the lives of both physicians and patients. AllianceMed’s state of the art business model enables medical practitioners to focus purely on caring for patients, resulting in the best possible patient outcome. Our process begins with taking charge of the financial responsibility of HCPs and then educating and guiding patients on their eligibility for medical benefits through our unique Patient Choice program. AllianceMed also provides successful negotiation services with insurance companies to ensure patients receive full claim and healthcare centers are provided maximum benefit.

Who We Are

Our History

AllianceMed was founded by Chris Duffy in 2014 after holding key positions at several Fortune 500 companies to include: Merck, Johnson & Johnson, and Stryker. His direct insight into the medical industry‘s complex billing process fostered the intention to create a full cycle Revenue Generating Service Company for Physicians, Medical Professionals, and Facilities to leverage both OON (Out of-Network) and IN (In Network) benefits. This approach offers billing services and direct mediation with insurance carriers on behalf of clients and identifies opportunities to significantly increase profit margins.

Our Team

Our Executive Team stays one step ahead. We are committed to the continuous investment of highly skilled employees, industry leading technology, and an efficient yet compliant process infrastructure to manage our client’s billing needs.


After working with a couple different billing companies that did not meet our standards, we finally met AllianceMed who has been able to hold the insurance companies accountable and maximize our reimbursements. I was very hesitant to change, knowing that it might be the same as the previous companies. AllianceMed exceeded our expectations. After working with them for several years I would highly recommend and trust them in all aspects of billing. The Patient Choice Program has also been an extremely helpful resource for our patients. The financial counseling provided helps our patients feel at ease about their upcoming procedure.


“As CEO of Extremity Healthcare, Inc., the nation’s largest Lower Extremity Physician Group Practice Model, I would highly recommend AllianceMed to anyone interested in improving their healthcare margins. I have rarely found a company whose leadership exhibits the highest level of professionalism, honesty, knowledge and support when it comes to all aspects of Obamacare, patient and physician rights under the new laws.”


Extremity Healthcare, Inc.

“Working with AllianceMed has increased our volume of cases as well as taken the worry out of following up with the insurance companies”


Business Office Manager Referral

“They put their money where their mouth is. Phenomenal improvement in collections. They have transformed our collections process for our ASC. We will triple our collections compared to prior year. Their system, knowledge, and approach is unbeatable. ”


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