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About Us

About Us

Everything you need to know about AllianceMed


AllianceMed is a Revenue Generating Service Company that Works with Surgery Centers to help increase revenue by taking on the insurance carriers on their behalf.

One concierge level program that AllianceMed offers is a program called Patient Choice. This industry unique program vets patients, informs and educates people on the benefits they have purchased. Our Patient Choice Advocates are experts at selecting the correct patient benefits and will make certain patients feel comfortable in their decision for choosing the recommended facility or physician. Advocates are available to assist each patient every step of the way during their surgery process, including at any point post- surgery.
The Mission of AllianceMed is supported by its experienced staff of healthcare professionals: “Educating Healthcare Professionals to enhance profitability through our billing and consulting procedures that allows providers to continue optimal patient care.”

Our History

Established in 2014, Founder Chris Duffy set out to create a Revenue Generating service company offering concierge billing services to Physicians, Medical Professionals and Facilities that use OON (Out of-Network) benefits to dramatically increase their profits. The state of the art business model of AllianceMed allows practitioners to continue to practice medicine hassle-free with the best possible patient outcomes.

Building Trust

AllianceMed has been extremely successful with its unique approach to billing services on behalf of its current client base of Physicians, Medical Professionals and Facilities. Our proven level of support through our experienced teams continues to provide a high level of customer service along with significantly increased levels of reimbursement for our clients. We strive every day to provide top level support for each and every client.

Improving Lives

We make it our responsibility to educate providers and explain to their patients that they pay higher premiums for their Out-of-Network Benefits and they should be allowed to use them to maintain their healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, we allow for providers to earn what we believe is a fair reimbursement for their services. We utilize the Patient Protection Act to hold insurance companies accountable for covering patient’s benefits.

Our Philosophy

AllianceMed is a third party medical billing company that uses state of the art billing process rather than the medical provider. Using the Patient Protection Act we ensure that Insurance Companies are covering all benefits the patient elects to use, including their Out-of-Network benefits.

AllianceMed has an experienced team to handle all aspects of billing including claims, negotiations, and in-house legal counsel for more complex issues. Our teams are up to date on the Patient Protection Affordable Act (PPACA) regulations, laws and techniques to be constant innovators in our industry. At AllianceMed we work to stay ahead of the PPACA and forge a new pathway for healthcare professionals, not only to provide the highest quality care for patients, but to allow providers to earn.

AllianceMed holds insurance companies accountable for the PPO benefits they sold to employers and their employees. AllianceMed strives to optimize profitability for facilities, doctors and medical providers. AllianceMed developed a unique program called Patient Choice that vets patients, informs and educates people on the benefits they have purchased. AllianceMed works with all the providers to educate them on using PPO benefits that are already a part of their practice.

Our Strengths & Values








See what our clients are saying


Dr. Helfman

Extremity Healthcare, Inc.

“As CEO of Extremity Healthcare, Inc., the nation’s largest Lower Extremity Physician Group Practice Model, I would highly recommend AllianceMed to anyone interested in improving their healthcare margins. I have rarely found a company whose leadership exhibits the highest level of professionalism, honesty, knowledge and support when it comes to all aspects of Obamacare, patient and physician rights under the new laws.”

September 2015


Business Office Manager Referral

“Working with AllianceMed has increased our volume of cases as well as taken the worry out of following up with the insurance companies”

August 2015

Dr. Murphy

Physician Referral

“They put their money where their mouth is. Phenomenal improvement in collections. They have transformed our collections process for our ASC. We will triple our collections compared to prior year. Their system, knowledge, and approach is unbeatable. ”

July 2015