We Boost your Profitability
by dramatically reducing your
Contact us We offer both In-Network and Out-Of-Network
billing, solutions for all providers including
ASC’s, DME’s & Physicians through our unique
Patient Choice, Billing and Insurance
Collection programs
We Offer Institutionalized & World
Class “Full Service Revenue Cycle”
Contact Us We work directly with your organization to improve cash
flow and reduce your daily operating expense by
leveraging our rich RCM expertise
We Boost your Profitability
by dramatically reducing your
Contact us We Offer World Class “Full Service Revenue Cycle”
solutions through proven and effective strategies

The AllianceMed Advantage

We successfully assist our clients to increase cash flow and payments

Accurate Reimbursement

Our effective coding and audit protocol ensures the highest level of accuracy on all reimbursements processed

Patient Choice

Our highly skilled team provides patient education on insurance benefits and expected out of pocket costs

Proven RCM process

Every Claim Matters! We have instituted a high standard for detail throughout the entire claim cycle process

Our Consultation team can improve your business and your cash flow

AllianceMed employs a highly skilled staff dedicated to grow your business and increase cash flow for your organization. At the same time, our approach minimizes risks to healthcare entities whether you are an Ambulatory Surgery Center, Durable Medical Equipment Provider Physician or any other HealthCare Provider.

Our RCM Services

We understand better than most that each step in the Revenue Cycle Management process is equally critical and if managed improperly can have consequential effects to your revenue. Our organization has instituted a high standard for detail on each claim. “EVERY CLAIM MATTERS”, beginning with patient insurance verification and ending when a claim has processed accurately.

Medical Coding

We have AAPC certified coders that are highly trained to accurately assign and enter appropriate CPT procedure codes, ICD-10 diagnosis codes and modifiers...

Payment Posting

As patient billing can happen at any point of time during the revenue cycle, our team ensures that accurate and correct patient billing occurs each and every instance...

Charge Entry

AllianceMed Charge Entry staff is trained to accurately assign critical data per the strict guidelines of all the payers who are covering a procedure...

Patient Billing

AllianceMed strongly believes that patients should have the choice to choose where their services are rendered and understand their insurance benefits to the fullest extent ...

Claim Submission

We have integrated the latest technology solutions to ensure the maximum number of claims submitted on behalf of your organization are accepted...


Obtaining prior authorization is an important part of the revenue cycle. Our highly skilled Authorization Representatives have developed a centralized...

Collection & Follow-up

Although our established RCM processes minimizes payment collection, our team is highly equipped to follow through with Payers on denials

AR & Denial Management

We provide a full suite of clinically integrated AR and Denials Management services. Our service module is designed with the focus ...


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